Thursday, June 19, 2008

Travel time

Monday June 16th

First day on the road I took it easy and drove 6 hours to Minneapolis to my friend Bill’s. We went to a few different bars, the coolest being a rooftop patio overlooking the city. While up there drinking a very good mojito, I happened to look down to the parking lot adjacent to the bar and see a guy running with a few purses, with 5 or 6 people in quick pursuit of the purse snatcher. They caught him, but he got away which was disappointing, I was waiting to watch them beat the hell out of the guy but I guess they got their stuff back and let him run away. Pansies.

Tuesday June 17th

Just raising me up a crop of dental floss

I took off around 7:30 am for a very long drive, 13 hours today. North Dakota sucked, A LOT. What a boring drive with nothing to see, other than a few pelicans that seemed oddly out of place. Oh, and I saw a sign for “buffalo for sale” which was also pretty strange. North Dakota is not only a really boring state, but also a bit strange as well apparently. Montana was a much nicer drive, actually some stuff to look at along the drive. I stopped in Billings at a semi-shitty red roof inn. Of course this hotel sucks and didn’t have WIFI, but what can you expect for $65 a night.

Wed June 18th

Left at 6:30am from Billings for a very nice drive through the rockys! It was a good drive, other than the scary as shit part of driving down the mountains at an uncontrollable speed going through hairpin turns. That part wasn’t my favorite. The mountains in Washington were amazing to drive through, bigger than the rockies, b ut more approachable. It took me a little over 12 hours to get to seattle, then another 35 min to actually get into the city because of rushour traffic. My friend im staying with was still at band practice when I got here, so I sat in the bar downstairs drinking mojitos while writing this! Im very glad to be here and out of the goddamn car.

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