Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saturday night

Well, the day is almost over, which means i have one more day until i leave! I still have a stupid amount of stuff to do, i havent started packing yet....(other than to see how many cigars i can cram into my travel humidor-around 45). Went out to Rockford today with laurie to see the Hulk, which was a really fun movie, and then out to famous daves where i think i ate my weight in ribs.
I was able to see most of the people i wanted to get in touch with before i head out, got to see my friend rachel, sara ee, hang out with my family, that kind of stuff. We did my bday early since ill be gone for it, which was also quite fun. I got a GPS unit which will provide the navigational support i need to get out to Washington, ive never been the best with maps... I also got a watch, which oddly ive never had before and wearing one will take some getting used to. oh! i also got a package in the mail from a very generous friend as a thank you for some work ive been helping him with. He sent me a solar charger for damn near any electronic device out there! Its called a Solio and will charge my laptop, phone, ipod, and whatever else i can plug into the gazillion adapters it comes with. Ive seen these before, and they are quite the little gadget! (I bet by the time i get back Don will have one as well, we all know how he likes his toys and i can see him liking something like this.)

I should be getting one more blog out there before i head out monday morning, and then im not sure how often ill be updating, but i will as much as possible!

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