Sunday, June 1, 2008

My tattoo is finally done!

Well, it took about a year and 20 hours of work,but my half sleeve is finally done! It started almost 3 years ago with my Namaste tattoo, which is a Sanskrit greeting that translates to something like "the divine in me bows to the divine in you." (or the gods in me bow to the gods in you). Then we decided to finally start the fingerprint, which is my moms. The idea of this being a half sleeve hadn't entered my head yet, and i went ahead and added the Ka part to it, which is a word for the path of life from Stephen King's Dark Tower series. After we did all of that work, my artist and i decided what the hell, lets do this right! I had the idea for the leaves, which Isaac Velasco, my tattoo artist did freehand. He decided to do the background as water to tie it all together, which i couldn't be happier with. He has done an amazing job and really did this in a unique style that i haven't seen before on skin, it almost looks like a painting. Here are some finished pictures!

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habanablue said...

Great tat mate - very interesting!