Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 22nd

I found a little shop about 5 miles from my bunkhouse where i can get online, so that problem is solved, haha. Leavenworth is amazing, albeit a little odd. Its this tiny german town nestled right in the mountains, which i havent had a chance to get out to take pics of yet. My actual bunkhouse isnt bad at all. I have my own room, which is tiny, and there is a big living room, kitchen and bathroom. The rest of the guys seem pretty cool, and the 2 women on my crew havent arrived yet.

I took my first hike yesterday, which promptly kicked my ass. No one told me it was one of the steepest and harder trails around here. Apparently my boots still need to be broken in a bit since i got some blisters already, so i need to take care of those today so im ready to work tomorrow. Not sure what ill be doing for my birthday tomorrow night after work, probably just sitting around. Hopefully the next update will include a bunch of good pictures!


KP said...

Hi Ben,
Yeah, really they were just telling you that so you didn't feel so bad ;). Just kidding, you will probably be a tri-athlete by the end of summer. Looking forward to reading more as you go.

Albertarian said...

Happy Birthday Ben! I'm planning on following your posts. Good Luck with your new job! -Al

Christine said...

Happy Birthday, Ben! Glad you're there and that all is going well. I am enjoying following your adventures. Hope your first day of work is interesting.