Sunday, June 15, 2008

Im outta here!

Well, tomorrow is the big day! Ill be leaving around 10am and heading up to Minneapolis to stay with my buddy Bill for the night. Tuesday im hoping to get to around Billings, Montana, about a 12 hour drive and find somewhere to stay. Then its off to Seattle to meet up with a few friends from the cigar forum. Friday ill be heading to Leavenworth to my bunkhouse, and starting work on monday.

All the laundry and packing is done, other than my computer and some small stuff,which i will do in the morning. Here is the big pile of crap that ill be loading into the car tomorrow:

Oh, and of course here are all the cigars ill be taking with me, haha. Not sure if it will be enough or not, depends how often i get a chance to sit back and relax on my days off.

Ill be updating as much as possible, not sure how often ill get into town to get online. What im going to try to do is to write up stuff beforehand so i can just copy it onto the blog. Wish me luck! 30 hours on the road by myself is going to get very, very boring.

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Christine said...

Thought of you yesterday on your first day of driving. Hope it went smoothly. Today you'll be headed west; enjoy the drive. You'll see some beautiful country. Let me know what you think of the tunes. I'll be looking forward to your first post about your work out there!